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The Internal Network Security Monitoring solution built with the MSP and the small to medium business in mind


Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face a growing range of information security threats. Few SMEs, however, apply sufficient controls to safeguard their sensitive information. The result is a growing risk of security breaches of sensitive business or customer data, as well as risk exposure for many larger organisations that subcontract work to SMEs. On top of growing pressure from larger customer organisations to address the need for security in contracts, the SME needs to improve cybersecurity within the organistion quickly, easily and at low cost in order to protect their reputation, systems and ultimately bottom line from cyber threats.

While cyberattacks that make the news are often large in scale, small businesses are being attacked, too. At bluedog, we understand that small businesses may be more vulnerable to cyber threats than large corporations, but lack the budget or capabilities to provide a solution. bluedog can provide cost-effective security services at a fraction of the cost.

While outsider threats are generally addressed with simple endpoint protection, it’s the threats that originate from inside that are much more difficult to prevent and detect.

Sentinel™ from bluedog provides powerful and affordable internal network monitoring. Sentinel™ cloud-based monitoring and threat detection, can be combined with bluedog security services, or your own existing IT services provider to enable you to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network issues that could lead to harmful cyber security attacks.



Sentinel™ provides valuable insight into what is going on within your network, offering visibility into your security management with assessments of your sensitive data, critical infrastructures and applications.

  • IP traffic raw data
  • Traffic flow and file transfer
  • http and dns queries
  • Emerging threat policies
  • Malware, adware
  • Iphones, ipads, PC’s and other devices


Sentinel™ provides regular tailored reports at the frequency of your choice, which can be sent to your own IT services provider to manage, or bluedog can do that for you. The bluedog security services centre can monitor your network 24/7, providing immediate actionable recommendations and respond accordingly.

  • SOC level analysis and reporting
  • Global traffic and event monitoring
  • Real-time data flow and analysis
  • Unusual network activity


Whether it is general network security, through to penetration testing, anti-phishing or emergency support, bluedog have got you covered.

  • Threat hunting and reporting
  • Flag unusual activity (software and file transfer)
  • Incident response
  • Expedite network forensic investigations